Testing Paper Prototype

Last Tuesday, we started testing our paper prototype!

First Iteration

First we used four test-persons to evaluate our prototype. There were some remarks that occurred at least two times with different users :

  • The logo on our main page was way too big, looked like a button and distracted the users from the actual functionality.
  • The Tip-it plug-in logo on the browser was too big. This space is very valuable!
  • The preview of a Tip wasn’t very clear to the user. Was it the site? Was it a picture?
  • There was no management for the concept ‘friends’. Who are the persons you can Tip to?
  • There was no options menu to change the settings.

For all these problems, we provided an appropriate solution:

  • The logo on the main page is smaller and moved to the top right corner.
  • The logo of the plug-in is more compact. The disadvantage of this solution is the fact that the functionality is less clear.
  • The problem of the preview was due to the fact that the prototype was on paper. We couldn’t express on paper that this preview was auto-completed after you filled in the URL of the tip. We keep in mind to test this problem with our digital prototype.
  • We added functionality to manage your friends. These persons are the ones who you can Tip to and receive Tips from. Tip-It will work with friend requests that will have to be accepted or denied. This also solves the problem that people are afraid of being spammed.
  • We provided a button to adjust your settings like your name or password.


Second Iteration

With these changes included, we tested our prototype on another three test-persons. There came up some small remarks, like for example a missing cancel button. But the main problem was the new friends functionality. The users didn’t understand what the purpose of the little cross and the small logo next to user’s names was (tipping them and removing them as friend).  We will consider this problem in the next iteration of our prototype (digital or on paper).


The interesting thing about the second iteration was that the new big problems were only discovered on the new functionality. This functionality was actually just tested for the first time, so it makes perfectly sense that the big remarks were due to this part of the application.

Next, we will digitalize our prototype! More about this in the next post!

Feel free to give us some ‘Tips’ on our design!


5 Responses to Testing Paper Prototype

  1. jeroendeconinck says:

    I think the remove friend function should carry some more ‘weight’: it’s a permanent action that usually takes some consideration and a little button next to the name does not reflect that.
    An alternative would be to have a checkbox with every name and a “Delete selected” button above the list, but if you don’t that have any other operations to perform on entries in the list that might be overkill.

    • If the user receives a warning first, it shouldn’t be an issue.

      Usually apps seperate user management from core functionality. While a complete seperate screen might not be the ideal solution, there are other ways apps of today solve this issue.

      • api4kul says:

        This is also what we had in mind. This maybe isn’t really clear from the blog. It is indeed an action that takes some consideration and the idea was to give a warning. Sominthing like: ‘Are you really sure you want to delete this person?’

  2. To address the problem of the “little cross and the small logo next to username”, perhaps using a tool tip when the user hovers over the icon would already suffice. Another option is for example to add a title for each column of the user management table.

    I like the way you indicated the points of focus on the images by the way. Another extra idea would be to use enumerations of each issue and use the numbers on the image on the relevant places.

    • stijndehaes says:

      Thx for the usefull info 🙂 the hover text and the title for the columns are both great ideas 🙂 we’ll keep those in mind!

      And we’ll probably use the enumerations idea next time 🙂

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