Digital Prototype First iteration

A week ago we finished our first digital prototype. It is a fully static site made in html5.

There are four screens:

  • Tips meant for you (For You)
  • Tips you sent (From you)
  • Friends management (Friends)
  • Send a new tip (New Tip)


For You                                                                                     From You


Friends                                                                                      New Tip

We realize it is totally not finished yet. Not all functionalities were present at this stage.

Like adding friends for example. We decided you can only send recommendations to people who accepted you as there friend so you should be able to search for them and send a friend invitation.

We also started working on a browser plugin for google chrome. In the future you’ll be able to click the plugin to directly recommend the site you’re on!


9 Responses to Digital Prototype First iteration

  1. erikduval says:

    I’m a bit surprised that you will develop a chrome plugin… It looks to me that you can implement the screens above in much simpler ways?

    • api4kul says:

      Why is that if I may ask? The idea is to make a plugin to make is fast and easy. The four screen are not part of the plugin for the record. The plugin will be just a small form with three fields; to.. url .. and comment..
      The reason we choose chrome is explained in our reply to the comment of gertvanwijn below.

      • thomasdemoor says:

        Just to give you a preview of how the plug-in will look, here is a screenshot of it: Screenshot Plug-In.
        The URL is automatically filled in so you can tip the current site really fast to a friend.

  2. I very much like the chrome plugin. You could then recommend pages very fast and that’s great. I think your approach will be the fastest of the whole group. I understand that the design is simple because it is just a first prototype but maybe you could try to use your screen real estate in a more optimal way?
    For example the friends page should be more like a table with rows and columns of friends instead of one friend per row. Probably you were already thinking about this, but just in case 🙂 !

    • api4kul says:

      Thanks! Our goal indeed is to be fast. The idea of recommanding a site to someone is not the most original idea but is not only about the idea, it’s about how you do it. Every click is one too many for most people.So we want people being able to use our pluging without thinking about it.
      About the design, thank you for the input. It helps us alot knowing how people would like to see their friens/tips/.. sorted. This is indeed something we want to test to find the optimal layout.

  3. gertvanwijn says:

    I like the idea of a plug-in, this speeds up the whole process of recommending stuff. But there will only be a plugin for chrome-users ?

    • api4kul says:

      It’s good to know that people like the idea of the plugin. The three mostly used browsers at the moment are Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Our main target group to start with are people our age and by looking around a bit we noticed that the last two are more used than Internet Explorer. So we picked one to start with, but the idea is to make plugins for firefox and explorer too. My apologies towards Safari users, but a pluging for other browsers than these 3 is for a later stage.

      • benjaminwittevrongel says:

        I think it is a good idea to focus on a plugin for one browser. If the tests of your prototype show that it is used a lot, you can still make plugins for other browsers.

  4. What’s the advantage of a browser plugin vs say a bookmarklet? For your group and for your users?

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