Recap Iteration 1

In this post we will give a short overview of the first iteration of the development of our application Tip-It!

Iteration 1:


Get a general idea of the impression of the users. Do they understand and find the functionalities?


We use the Wizard Paper Prototyping method together with the Think Aloud protocol.


  • Wizard prototyping is highly applicable in our case because you can test en maybe adjust your prototype immediately. Different functionalities can easily be added or removed.
  • Think Aloud allows us to look into the mind of the users and to collect their thoughts.

Who, What, Where, Time?

  • Who? 4 co-students, each belonging to a different group from the class User Interfaces. 
  • What? In the first two tests, the users had to tell what they should do with the given prototype, without any information. What did they expect to happen when they executed their actions? The other two testpersons were asked to try some basic functionalities, namely give and like a tip.
  • Where? The tests took place at the campus in the 200B building.
  • Time? The duration of each test was 5 to 10 minutes.


3 of the 4 people spontaneously told us that they liked the concept of the application! Yet there were some remarks:

  • R1.1: The 4 testpersons all thought that the logo at the top of the site was a button. They also mentioned that it distracted them from the actual functionality.
  • R1.2: 2 users wondered if there was a friends-functionality en warned us for possible spam if the application was open to everybody.
  • R1.3: One user asked if the possibility to send a tip to multiple persons exists.
  • R1.4: All testpersons clicked on the site-preview while this wasn’t a link to the tipped site and thus non-clickable.
  • R1.5: Two users didn’t exactly understand what the purpose of the notifications was.


  • In general the users were very enthusiastic about the application.
  • But a certain friends-functionality was clearly missed and will be included in the next iteration, just as the possibility to send a tip to multiple persons (R1.2, R1.3).
  • The previews will include a link to the site they represent (R1.4).
  • The logo will be smaller and moved to another location (R1.1).
  • Notifications are not being handled in the next iteration, because this isn’t a basic functionality. Later on, we will elaborate this more (R1.5).


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