Recap Iteration 2

After exploring the world of testing and iterations for the first time, a new iteration was immediately set-up and executed. Here is a brief recap of it.

Iteration 2


  • We want to test if the logo on the main screen doesn’t distract the users anymore (R1.1)
  • Is the friends-functionality added in accordance to the expectation of the users (R1.2,R1.3)?
  • R1.4 and R1.5 will not be tested in this iteration. The first result is trivial and the second will be elaborated later.
  • We added ‘settings’-functionalities, we will test them as well.


We use the Wizard Paper Prototyping method together with the Think Aloud protocol.


  • Wizard prototyping allowed us to quickly add the friends-functionality and to change the layout regarding the logo.
  • Think Aloud gave us the opportunity to test where the attention of the users was going to. We wanted to know what the test-persons thought about the functionality and not just whether the functionality was operating in the right way.

Who, What, Where, Time?

  • Who? 3 co-students, each belonging to a different group from the class User Interfaces.
  • What? All the test-persons were asked to execute some basic assignments: give a tip via the plug-in, give a tip via the friends-tab, add a friend, search for a friend, like a tip.
  • Where? The tests took place at the campus in the 200B building.
  • Time? The duration of each test was 5 to 10 minutes.


Some new remarks were mentioned:

  • R2.1: All the users said that the logo’s of the buttons on the friends tab not pointed out what their functionality was.
  • R2.2: One person thought that the search-for-friends-fucntionality was not clear enough, but the two other users understood the search function completly right.
  • R2.3: Two users told us that they didn’t immediately saw what was adjustable and what not when they were on the settings-page.
  • R2.4: There were no remarks anymore on the logo of the main page.


  • The added functionalities (friends and settings) were necessary but the logo’s on the friends tab and the layout of the settings page need to be changed (R2.1, R2.3).
  • The new location of the logo was clearly an improvement (R2.4).
  • Because just one person pointed out that the search-functionality wasn’t clear, but the others didn’t, this aspect will remain the same in the next iteration (R2.2).

2 Responses to Recap Iteration 2

  1. michaelg1989 says:

    Hey nice post. The last conclusion doesn’t quite convince met tough. I know that the assignment was only to test 3 persons and that makes it hard to see if a result is not representative or not. Do you plan to do this test again on a larger test group in a later iteration to see if it still may be a problem or do you expect this to not be a problem? 1 out of 3 seen in percentages is still a large amount 😉

  2. thomasdemoor says:

    We’ll certainly keep your remark in mind and test the search-functionality in the iteration about the digital prototype as well!

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