Official Release!

Tip-It! is online!



Go to and tip your friends an interesting site!



Tip-It! was already online since April 22th, but on May 7th, the official release was announced! You can see the evolution in the following figure of unique visitors per day generated by google analytics:


The two peaks match the two release dates. The first big one with the days after the unofficial release of Tip-It!, the second when we officially announced Tip-It! at Twitter and in the course.

The average number of visitors is also higher after the second release. We are now planning to ‘create’ a third peak by the help of Facebook and a special action. More on this later in the post! 🙂



Another remarkable thing that google analytics showed us was the high bounce percentage. This percentage gives the number of users that visit your site but leave the site without doing anything. At this moment this number is 44 percent. We try to decrease this percentage by adding a preview to the login-page of our site, as you can see below. This way people may be curious and take the effort to register and discover Tip-It! Thanks to google analytics we can compare the number today with a hopefully lower number in the future.



Via google analytics we want to investigate another issue. Do people tip sites mostly via the plug-in or via the site itself? To test this we created to separate submit pages where google analytics code was included. This way we can compare the how many times each submit page is executed and give an answer to our question. These results will be published later!


The last two weeks we made some final changes to our website and plugin. In the overview beneath you can see the evolution of our application. Each time three moments in the evolution are shown. First the paper prototype, in the middle the first digital prototype and as final the current look of the site:

For You Page


From You Page


Friends Page


New Tip Page






To make extra publicity for Tip-It! we are planning to make some small paper forms that can be tied to students bikes on the campus. We also started a Facebook and Twitter campagne. Like and follow us at and!


2 Responses to Official Release!

  1. Bounce rate is an important one to look at. If you want to dig a bit deeper into google analytics, you can set up a path through your application and get conversion rate graphs. This would also give you nice overviews on where in the process the user gives up (what specific page needs work etc).

    The evolution screenshots are a nice touch!

  2. I also like the evolution screenshots, not only the way of showing it but also the way the app has evolved. The background really makes your application a lot more attracting. The idea of the screenshot in the login screen is also very good as it indeed raises interest!

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