Iteration 4

Because in the previous iteration we noticed that it took a while for all the users to add a new friend, we changed this functionality and executed a new small test.

In the figure below, you can see we added three new tabs at the left side. One of them includes the ‘Add-friend’ functionality. In the previous version (unfortunately we didn’t find a screenshot) this functionality was included in just one friends-page instead of three.



Testing if the problems concerning the ‘Add friend’-functionality are solved. Namely the difficulty of finding how to add a friend.


Asking users to add a friend and record the number of clicks to measure the efficiency.


The fewer the number of clicks, the better users know how to add friends.

Who, What, Where, Time?

  • Who? 4 testpersons, 2 with good knowledge of computers, 2 less experienced users.
  • What? 1 specific task: add a friend starting from the ‘for you’-page.
  • Where? 200 A, Heverlee
  • Time? 2-3 minutes


n=4: needed 3 clicks to add a friend, this is the minimum number of clicks required to execute this tasks.


The problems with the ‘add-friend’ functionality are solved.



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