Evaluation of the presentations and the course

First of all, we think that the presentations were given at a high level. Further on, all the questions were answered clear and honest.

Here are some remarks on the presentation of some teams:


We liked the flow diagram of different screens. This gave us immediately an overview of the possibilities of the app in just one slide.


If there was an award for the nicest logo, they would win it.


The application is mainly white. This is maybe boring, but also gives a clean look. They promoted their app via many ways, which is certainly interesting to gather more users.


We liked the fact that the failed Facebook log-in was turned into a well considered privacy issue. You have to sell your features right. This was the perfect example!

Chili Con Carne

The structure of the presentation was totally different from other groups. They discussed each problem separately and not each iteration. This was innovating. You might think it was disturbing, but this was certainly not the case.


To give feedback on the course, we would like to ‘tip’ the blog of Chi Con Carne: http://chiconcarne.wordpress.com/. Not because of laziness, but because of the very constructive and ‘to-the-point’ evaluation.

We agree on almost everything, except for the fact that you must know a website or mobile programming language. The three of us didn’t know anything about HTML5 or PHP at all at the beginning of the course.

Last, we also want to thank JeTS-CHI for winning their Highest chance-to-keep-using-the-app trophy.



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